Product information "Universal Kit Furniture/Interior Finishing 2"
The comprehensive system “Furniture/Interior Finishing 2” (603002) making it possible to execute high-quality repairs of nearly any kind of damage to not only wood and décor surfaces, but also to tiles and very matt surfaces.

The kit contains:
130714   10x 8cm Quick Filler, series 714
14073A   20x 4cm Soft Wax, series 73A
14073B   20x 4cm Soft Wax, series 73B
14173A   20x 4cm Hard Wax, series 73A
14173B   20x 4cm Hard Wax, series 73B
143720   20x 4cm Hard Wax PLUS, series 720
144500   1x Mixed Colour Shade Assortment
146770   20x 4cm Effect Wax, series 770
147771   20x 4cm Hard Wax Matt, series 771
149775   20x 4cm Ceramic Filler, series 775
150002   1x Rex-Lith DUO, hardener incl.*
161149   2x Special Fillers Applicator (transparent)
162000   10x Plastic Films
163000   1x Metal Planer
165000   1x Edge Planer
205112   10x Graining Pen, series 112
215 000   5x Colour Concentrate, 28ml (blue, yellow, orange, brown, black)
243000   5x Premium Edge Pen black, white and grey shades
268000   5x Brush Pen Clear Lacquer (high gloss, silk gloss, silk matt, matt, deep matt)
288000   Brush Pen Covering Lacquer (4 mixed shades)
288000   11x Brush Pen Covering Lacquer, differentpopular wood shades
337300   1x Special Repair Lacquer PLUS, matt, 400ml
338300   1x Special Repair Lacquer PLUS, silk matt, 400ml
A34400   1x AQUA Clear Lacquer, silk matt, 150ml
406000   1x Special Scraper
407000   1x Brass Brush
411000   3x Sanding and Polishing Cloth, 10x13cm
412000   7x Micro Sanding Paper, grit 1800-12000
413600   1x Wire Wool, extra-fine
418000   1x Cork Sanding Block
419000   1x Felt Pad
421 100   1x Lacquer Cloth
422000   1x Assortment of Cotton Cloths
426501   5x Special Cloth
430001   1x Red Marten Brush No. 1
430 002   2x Red Marten Brush No. 2
434000   1x Magnifying Glass
439001   1x Gas Heating Iron
439018   1x Refill Gas, 100ml
439440   1x Special Heater Blade
503500   1x High Gloss Furniture Polish, 150ml
507000   1x Intensive Cleaner, 150ml
542000   1x Furniture Cleaner, 150ml
543000   1x Furniture Refresher, 150ml
603095   1x Mixing Palette
609002   1x Selection of Graded Sandpaper
609003   3x Sanding Pad, coarse
641120   3x Mixing Cup, 40ml
655 500   1x Sanding Liquid, 150ml
710000   1x Cellulose Thinner, 150ml
711000   1x Liquid Sandpaper, 150ml
EB2910-420  10x Spare Tips Brush Pen

In Germany, the products “Rex-Lith DUO” and “Hardener Paste” are subject to the sales restrictions under the Chemicals Prohibition Directive (ChemVerbotsV of 20.01.2017). The products may be sold to commercial customers only.

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