Product information "Service Kit Furniture/Interior"
The handy service kit, the smaller version of the universal kit, has been designed as a mobile repair system and is ideal for use on site. Various soft wax and hard wax series with a large selection of wood colors are included as fillers. In addition, all necessary auxillaries and an AQUA clear lacquer for sealing are included. Our service kit is not only practical, it also guarantees a professional appearance.

The kit contains:
14073A   20x 4cm Soft Wax, series 73A
14073B   20x 4cm Soft Wax, series 73B
14173A   20x 4cm Hard Wax, series 720
161149   1x Special Fillers Applicator (transparent)
205000   1x Graining Pen, Beech
205000   1x Graining Pen, Beech reddish
205000   1x Graining Pen, Beech greenish
205000   1x Graining Pen, Mahogany
205000   1x Graining Pen, black
337300   1x Special Repair Lacquer PLUS, matt 400ml
338300   1x Special Repair Lacquer PLUS, silk matt 400ml
A34400   1x AQUA Clear Lacquer, silk matt 150ml
413600   1x Wire Wool, extra-fine
419000   1x Felt Pad
422000   1x Assortment of Cotton Cloths
438 620  1x Battery Melter, blue
542000   1x Furniture Cleaner, 150ml
543000   1x Furniture Refresher, 150ml
609004   3x Sanding Pad, coarse
609005   3x Sanding Pad, fine
710000   1x Cellulose Thinner, 150ml
711000   1x Liquid Sandpaper, 150ml