Product information "Rex-Lith Color Mixing Assortment"
With the new Rex-Lith Colour Mixing Set you can mix countless colours directly by yourself. A detailed dosage and mixing guide in the set will show you how to mix 17 different light to dark wood shades in an optimal way. Make use of the numerous possibilities in terms of colour variety. The right colour shade in the two-component filler will help you to avoid long colour reworks (varnishing, retouching) during mobile on-site repairs while ensuring high-quality and durable repairs. Note: In Germany, this product is subject to the sales restrictions under the Chemicals Prohibition Directive (ChemVerbotsV of 20.01.2017). The products may be sold to commercial customers only.

151 000  1x Rex-Lith, transparent, tube 100ml
152 000  2x Rex-Lith, wood, tube 100ml
153 000  1x Rex-Lith, white, tube 100ml
154 000  1x Rex-Lith, berch, tube 100ml
155 000  1x Rex-Lith, black, tube 100ml
162 000  10x Plastic Film
162 001  10x Spatula
162 002  6x tube Squeezer
170001  3x Hardener, 10g
215500149511  1x Colour Concentrate Yellow, 10ml
215500149611  1x Colour Concentrate Red, 10ml
215500149711  1x Colour Concentrate Orange, 10ml
215500149811 1x Colour Concentrate Brown, 10ml
295200 10x Pipette with ultra-thin tip
422 000 1x Assortment of Cotton Cloths (A5), 5/bag
609 501 1x Mixing Palette
711 000 1x Liquid Sandpaper, 150ml

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